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A-PAD Philippines Synergy Worskshop in Visayas

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A-PAD Philippines Synergy Worskshop in Visayas

A-PAD Philippines Synergy Worskshop in Visayas

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A-PAD Philippines Synergy Worskshop in Visayas


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About 30 representatives from private institutions, CSOs, and LGUs in Visayas gathered for a disaster preparedness and management synergy workshop in Guadalupe, Cebu City on February 13, 2016. Asia-Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (A-PAD) Philippines, through Cebu-Bohol Relief and Rehabilitation (CRRC) and Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC), organized the event to broaden, increase, and consolidate the participation of all stakeholders in DRR.

A-PAD Philippines promoted the three C’s of effective disaster response—Coordination, Collaboration, and Cooperation – for all sectors to create a more sustainable and meaningful response to calamities in the country.

Deputy Executive Director of CDRC, Mr. Carlos Padolina, introduced the A-PAD and emphasized the roles of various sectors during disaster response. He emphasized the importance of communication and coordination of all sectors not only during calamities, but also on a regular basis as part of preparedness. He also pointed out the importance of forging meaningful partnerships between sectors, beginning with the government and the business groups, whose resources are essential in supporting disaster risk reduction management efforts.

In the workshop, the participants were divided according to their sectors to identify and present their activities and programs, and challenges in DRR implementation. They discussed different programs, namely: basic life support and capacity building trainings, relief delivery operations, livelihood and rehabilitation programs, medical missions, and etc. The LGUs’ main challenge is the lack of financial resources for disaster response, especially in the lower class municipalities.

Representatives of different sectors agreed to strengthen linkages and networking with other sectors and to join all efforts for efficient disaster response.

Ms. Nile Dame Daño, Visayas Regional Project Coordinator, shared the accomplishments of A-PAD Philippines in Visayas during its first year. These included establishment of networks across the region, consultation meetings with different stakeholders, network-building, prepositioning of goods for disaster response, and signing of memorandum of understanding with partners.

Dr. Oliver Gimenez, A-PAD Philippines Project Management Team Member, closed the program with a call for action through 3C’s- Coordinate, Collaborate and Cooperate- towards efficient disaster response.