Good Governace

A-PAD Philippines promotes and practices the eight principles of good governance in all its endeavors namely: accountability, transparency, responsiveness, equitability and inclusiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, respect for the rule of law, participation, and consensus building.


All activities and projects are done without harming the environment. A-PAD undertake projects that rehabilitate the environment as part of mitigating the impact of and eventually preventing disasters.


A-PAD Philippines harnesses and relies on the bayanihan spirit of Filipinos.


A-PAD Philippines services, projects, and activities are for the least served and most vulnerable groups


A-PAD Philippines is sensitive to cultures, norms, values, and processes of peoples and communities.

Human Dignity

The dignity of human beings be it victims, beneficiaries, partners and colleagues is respected at all times.

Belief in the Capacity of People

A-PAD Philippines ensures that its services, projects and activities are empowering and builds on the capacities of peoples to respond to, manage, and prevent disasters. All those who have participated in projects and activities under the platform of A-PAD Philippines are A-PAD partners

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