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A-PAD PHILIPPINES is a platform, a framework for collaboration, cooperation and pooling of efforts and sharing of resources between humanitarian organizations, CSOs, private sector, and government units in delivering emergency response and early recovery services and in undertaking projects for rehabilitation, disaster risk reduction, and addressing the vulnerabilities of peoples and communities.

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Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC) takes on the secretariat functions of A-PAD-Philippines. As such, it would take responsibility for entering into bilateral and multilateral relationships with organizations, institutions, agencies, groups and individuals, under the platform of A-PAD Philippines, for the purpose of delivering emergency response and early recovery services and undertaking projects for rehabilitation, disaster risk reduction and addressing the vulnerabilities of peoples and communities.

CDRC in partnership with the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF) jointly undertakes activities of A-PAD Philippines in the pursuit of strengthening multisectoral cooperation. PDRF is commissioned by the Government to solidify the commitment of private sector support in disaster aid programs, and in doing so, it draws agreement with humanitarian organizations, such as CDRC, to complement initiatives to address the issue of disaster resiliency in the country and the Asia Pacific region.

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Adhering to the Hyogo Framework Agreement which called for enhanced cooperation in the regional and international level with increased participation of the private sector, leaders of multi-sector actors representing five (5) countries agreed to create a framework for action in times of disaster in 2011.  This agreement led to the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (A-PAD) which was announced at the 5th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in October 2012 in Yogyakarta Indonesia.

The Asia-Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management is a trans-national disaster aid alliance that works to facilitate cooperation and understanding between governments, private companies and NGOs in the Asia Pacific region. It aims to operate as a regional alliance to facilitate collaboration between country platforms for the delivery of effective and efficient disaster response through disaster preparedness, risk reduction, relief and recovery.

One of the unique features of A-PAD is the intensive involvement of the private sector in the each country platforms. At present, it has 800 members from the private sectors located in its member countries.  It was able to immediately respond and organize a search and rescue mission in the recent major disasters in the Asia Pacific Region such as the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 and Typhoon Ruby in 2014 in the Philippines.

The Philippines being situated in the Pacific typhoon belt is a host to an average of 20 typhoons every year of which 5 are destructive.  It is also located in the Pacific Ring of Fire making it vulnerable to frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In the 2014 Global Climate Risk Index, the country ranked 7th from all countries around the world illustrating the country’s climate- related impacts and its associated vulnerabilities.   During the last three years, thousands of lives and millions of pesos worth of infrastructure and properties were lost due to destructive typhoons and earthquake.

With the increasing risk of disaster, both the government and non-governmental organizations are faced with overwhelming need to respond, rehabilitate and capacitate affected areas.  However, technical expertise and resources are largely lodged with the private sector remains untapped. The need to foster a stronger relationship with the private sector now being highlighted not only through response stage but moreso in disaster preparation and in building resilient communities. This has been further underscored in the recently signed Sendai Framework of Agreement for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Thus, the need to establish a multi-sectoral platform with the private becoming more invested is imperative. A developed tripartite relationship between public and private sectors and civil society organization will generate an increased efficiency and effectiveness not only in delivering the much needed services to the people but moreso in building a disaster  resilient nation.

Forging stronger ties with other similar organizations at the regional level offers opportunities for sharing knowledge’s and lessons learned from other countries’ experience. Regional collaborative centers   like A-PAD can provide assistance   in resource mobilizations, capacity and technical building between nations.

In meeting this challenge, in March 2015 through the support of Asia-Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management, CDRC took the initiative to establish this nature of platform of collaboration.   Three local pilot areas where chosen for modelling this initiative namely Albay, Cebu and Davao. However, recognizing the importance and benefit of this initiative, similar efforts were also taken in areas outside the identified preliminary locale.

At the National level, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between CDRC and Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation, the country’s largest private sector vehicle for disaster response last October. Initial collaborations with different business chambers, academe, media groups, socio civic groups and local government have also been established in different provinces throughout the country.

With the initial gains it has achieved, the CDRC will formally launch the A-PAD Philippines in March 2016 to further promote and mainstream this effort to contribute in achieving substantial reduction in disaster loss and making disaster response more efficient and swift.

Side by side with the National Launching of A-PAD Philippines is the hosting of the A-PAD International

Symposium. This is a gathering of different A-PAD country members namely Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for exchange of information and sharing of best practices in each of their country context.

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